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Rise Against Hunger

By Sharee Wharton:

The Rise Against Hunger packing event held on January 21st at Potomac UMC was a resounding success, with 40 to 50 volunteers coming together to pack over 10,152 meals in the parish center gym. Participants of all ages joined in, and the atmosphere was lively with music and high spirits. The event was made even more special with pizza from Tally Ho. The success of the event was a result of the hard work and dedication of the staff, volunteers, and the Rise Against Hunger team.

Rise Against Hunger is a global organization that has been committed to addressing

food insecurity for 25 years. They work with various partners and volunteers to provide

meals to those in need around the world. The event at Potomac UMC is just one

example of the many successful meal packaging events organized by Rise Against

Hunger. These events play a crucial role in providing meals to communities in need, and

anyone can get involved in hosting or participating in such events.

The Rise Against Hunger packing event at Potomac UMC was a testament to the power

of the community coming together to make a positive impact on global food insecurity.

Pastor Laura said it best, “This is how we make a difference in the life of a family we may

never get an opportunity to meet and this is how we make a difference outside of our


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