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Rev. Dr. Laura Blauvelt

Senior Pastor

If you are reading this you may be looking for a place and a people with whom you may worship in the Spirit of God.  You would be welcome here.  We share a faith in the Jesus Christ who motivates us, embraces all people, nags us to be our better selves, and laughs with us when only laughter will do.


We are not perfect.  Let’s get that clear from the very beginning.  Making mistakes is perhaps what we do best but I can promise you this, I won’t let my truth get in the way of your truth. 


Here are a few things you may want to know about me and the way that I lead:  I love Jesus, I’m an above average preacher and really modest about that, my family is the bedrock of my ministry,  I enjoy quilting (hand stitching and longarm) and reading mystery novels.  Oh and I cuss more than I probably should. 


You want to know more?  You’re going to have to put some skin in the game.  We worship at 10 am on Sunday mornings.  I hope to see you there!



Tel: (301) 299-8508

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