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Community Service: Working with Scout Troop 773G

Updated: Apr 23

As members of the Potomac Church community, it's essential to come together and take care of our shared spaces. Recently, Boy Scout Troop G (girl’s troop) conducted a community service project to clean up the area behind the cemetery. The project began with a simple idea – to address the litter and overgrowth that had accumulated behind the cemetery, an area that often goes unnoticed but is an integral part of our community's landscape. 


On the designated day, armed with gloves, trash bags, and gardening tools, Troop 773 G gathered at the site. The girls' energy and commitment were truly inspiring as they approached the task with determination and a positive attitude.  They understood the importance of preserving and respecting our natural surroundings. Their dedication served as a reminder that young people have a vital role in shaping a sustainable future.

 Not only did they remove unsightly litter and overgrowth, but they also strengthened their connections with Potomac Church and with the community at large.  The work of Troop 773 G left a lasting impression as it highlighted the power of collective action and the value of giving back to the community.  Our collaboration with Boy Scout Troop G to clean up the area behind the cemetery was a resounding success. We are grateful to partner with Troop 773 G and to work on future initiatives that bring our community together for the greater good.

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