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About us


Potomac United Methodist Church stands as a light at the curve in Falls Road.  Our Sanctuary is surrounded on all sides by an active cemetery that holds the remains of the indigenous people who once lived on this land.  It is sacred ground.


It is our goal to open our Parish Center for the use of community groups.  We have a full-size basketball court that is used by all sorts of sporting practices; a dance studio that is rented by groups like Flow Yoga; the Potomac Glen Day School resides here.  We have classes for children, art classes for adults, and Bridge lessons.  You can find a floor plan of our available spaces on this website so surf away!


Our Church community worships, studies, and serves together.  We welcome you as you are.   We are a congregation intentionally open to the LGBTQIA community.  


Check us out online and in person at 10 am Sunday morning.  We can’t wait to meet you!

our pastor:

We’re all looking for something.  Something that will steady us, fill us, heal us.  For me that something is Jesus.  In my earliest memories I loved Jesus.  He was the guy I met in Sunday School on the flannel board that told stories about how he loved everybody.  I felt like that somehow included me.  


As I have grown older, I am completely convinced that Jesus loves you too. On the days you get it right and, in the moments, when you wander looking for something that will steady you, fill you, heal you.

I love Jesus.  There I said it.  Every Sunday morning, I try to shine the light behind the stories from the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament asking what does this have to do with us?    And I collect up all the things I have learned for a Podcast we’re calling Leftovers.  

-Pastor Laura

Rev. Dr. Laura D. Blauvelt
our Staff:
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Sharee Wharton

Education and Outreach Director

Matthew Snell

Communications and Technology Director

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Jesse Parker
Janice Wood
Chris Lee

Accounting Administrator

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