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I am grateful for the many emails and conversations that many of you are engaging in with me on the issue of human sexuality and the United Methodist Church, specifically your thoughts and feelings about the importance of Potomac United Methodist Church declaring itself to be open to people across the gender identity spectrum.  Some of you have said that you cannot imagine Potomac UMC not being a place of welcome for all and none of you have said that you think we should limit our welcome. 

            I think it’s important for you to know that.  This special email is sent to 274 email addresses plus we have it posted on our church website if someone wants to see what we are doing.  Of that number 246 people opened it.  It was clicked on 400 times and one person unsubscribed.  Each week I will post new information based on the conversations I have been having so by all means let me know what you are thinking!

            I would like to set the following two dates for face to face conversations: 

Tuesday, March 26th. from 7-9 pm in the Youth Suite on the 2nd floor of the parish center and Wednesday, April 10th same place and time.  These two evenings will give you an opportunity to hear each other as we move toward a decision and creating a statement that declares where we stand on this issue.

            Currently the UMC Book of Discipline defines marriage as a sacred relationship between one man and one woman, prohibits our clergy from performing gay marriages and our churches from hosting the same, prohibits the ordination of gay clergy, and declares homosexuality to be incompatible with Scripture.

            On the following pages you will read the essence of three groups seeking support in the United Methodist Church.  The Reconciling Movement seeks to remove all the discriminatory language against LGBTQIA+ persons and supports full inclusion in the church.  The Uniting Methodists formed around the Special Conference as a centrist perspective trying to make room for everyone in the middle.  The Wesleyan Covenant Association argues for a stronger hold toward what they refer to as orthodox Methodist theology. 

            There are local churches like ours that have chosen each of their positions in their statements of identity.  And many churches that have not and may not choose to declare where they stand.  In light of the Special General Conference and the voting that favored a move to a more punitive stance against those who act out of their Christian conviction that all are welcome to God’s table, I believe that it is time for all churches to take on the hard place of conversation about human sexuality.

            People are watching.  I am grateful that you are willing to have the conversation.

Pastor Laura

If you would like to join the conversation and receive more e-mails like this one please respond to this e-mail or contact the Parish Center Office: 301.299.9383 / bjonespumc@gmail.com

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